10W EPP 2 coil –Phone Charging Stand Wireless Charger

Product model: WPC10-2CCOA

Categorey: Wireless Charging

  • Wireless Charger


[ Built-in-3 coils ]:Offer you much WIDER CHARGING AREA that you can just Charge your phone or TWS Earphone on QI Certified Charging Pad.

[ Wide Orientation]: Better than general round wireless charging Pad ,You Would enjoy movie /TV no mater Phone is placed in vertically or horizontally the hassle, It can charge your phone in, vertically or horizontally with perfect angle.
Wireless Charger
Input Type- C: PD or QC:5V,9V,12V
Output 5V/1A,9V/1.1A, (Compatible:7.5W)
Power 10W (Compatible:7.5W)
Certification QI(EPP) CE,FCC
Size 88.8mmx73.8mmx112.7mm