Type-C to VGA Adapter with FPC Cable

Product model: UTC-V-FPC

Categorey: Type-C

  • Type-C Adapter

     This is a Type-C to VGA adapter with FPC cable which allows you to transmit signals from your host PC to a VGA monitor. This adapter enables to output VGA video with max 1920x1200@60Hz. It can work on all Type-C and ThunderboltTM3 host that supports DP Alt mode. When working on Thunderbolt TM 3 host, this product transmits DP signal.

  • Type-C Malex1 (Connect to host)
  • Support DP1.2 Alt mode 
  • Support VGA max 1920x1200@60Hz
  • FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) Material features with light weight, flexible bending property and thin thickness, thus bringing users a better experience than non-FPC cable.
Type-C Adapter
Input Type-C Male x1
Output VGA Female x1
Support DP1.2 Alt mode
Support VGA max 1920x1200@60Hz